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More than 300 action verbs to use when writing your resume and cover letter. By Orlando Haynes. Remember to use the below action verbs when describing your skills and accomplishments in a resume or cover letterby doing so, youll maximize the effectiveness of your accomplishments, and make potential employers take notice. Be sure to use the verbs in their proper context. Always use action. Feb 6, 2018. Do you know how to use power words on your resume? Read our guide and use the examples to grab recruiters attention with resume action verbs. 80 Examples You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Sign in. 185 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome. Your resume is the first thing recruiters and human resources see when you apply for a position. Using action verbs in your resume not only helps.

Resume and Cover Letter Action Verbs