Investigative Reporters In Ghana Thesis

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Journalist Anas Anas was recently hailed by President Barack Obama for his investigative reporting, which resulted in the discovery of sex-trafficking rings in Ghana. Journalism Safety Threats to Media Workers and Measures to Protect Them International News Safety Institute. Page 2 Research for this report was supported by a Aug 14, 2009. search engine. This issue dedicated to. Bribery and corruption in African journalism. African Communication Research, Vol. 3, No. 3 (2010). ISSN 1821-6544. anthropological research of journalism culture in Ghana dwells at. necessitates some investigation of the extent and flavour of the practice. Reporters may investigate natural disaster sites. Investigative reporters usually sit in on local meetings to report important highlights. An investigative reporter may cover events of corruption and civil unrest. The Mission of CIRGHA is basically to entrench investigative reporting across. 159.. Contact Center For Investigative Reporting Ghana on Messenger. Feb 22, 2018. According to Emile Short, Ghana lacks enough investigative journalists in the fight against corruption, hence the introduction of the National Corruption Plan to help train more investigative journalists. Quizzed about what makes a good journalist, he said objectivity is key and the media practitioners must. JOURNALISM, MEDIA AND CULTURAL STUDIES. JOURNALISM, ELECTION CAMPAIGNS AND DEMOCRACY. IN GHANA. A Thesis in partial fulfilment for the Degree of. DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY. This investigation attempts to address issues of framing election campaigns and to establish whether in the context of.

Challenges Of Doing Investigative Reporting In Africa