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Senate having protracted debate. By Taryn Plumb Correspondent. Recognizing the high stakes in allowing casinos in Massachusetts, the Senate has been engaged in a. Roger Duguay. Pierre L. J. Vincent. Franoise Aubin.. Contract Recruitment, Internet Recruiting, Screening Resumes, Onboarding, Employee Relations, Permanent. Region. Sign in. Roger Duguay. Public. Oct 8, 2017. Roger Duguay Family. Mabel Landry. Sat. Oct. 7th. 630 Daniel Eileen Lyons. Wed. Oct. 11th 630 Adelard Malley. Sat. Oct. 14th 630 Alexander. 45s will resume on October 15th. Everyone welcome!. Rosary and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament the first Sunday of each month.. The 1049 Draw.

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