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We will write a custom essay sample on. English as an International Language. or any similar topic only for you. The rise of English in diplomacy began in 1919, in the aftermath of World War I, when the Treaty of Versailles was written in English as well as in French, the dominant language used in diplomacy until that time. The widespread use of English was further advanced by the prominent international role played by. English as a Global Language Essay. English as a global language English is spoken in most parts of the world, for instance in Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in many more countries. Moreover in African states English serves as main form of communication.
Should English be a Global Language?. the international English language segregated the British in. essays as well as other custom papers exclusively for the. Essays Related to English The New International Language. It is used internationally for communicating to other nations its the link between leaders of different nation.. Essay topics Do you think the significance of English language as an international language will be lost with globalisation or its significance will increase with globalisation? What is your opinion? jasminegautams picture. Submitted by jasminegautam on Thu, 03232017 - 0101. The role of globalisation in the proliferation.

Report on English as an International Language