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Monitoring and Follow-up of Chronic Heart Failure a Literature Review of eHealth Applications and Systems.. a review of literature and apps stores.. heart rate may be annoying to the patient, a need exists for a device that is mainly. Mini Heart Rate Monitor this device is capable of a continuous indication. Literature Review. In our literature review and survey we researched similar projects and approaches to our problem. We summarized and evaluated the main. Mar 27, 2012. This systematic review and meta-analysis assessed the accuracy of plethysmographic variability index derived from the Massimo pulse oximeter to predict preload responsiveness in peri-operative and critically ill patients. A total of 10 studies were retrieved from the literature, involving 328 patients who. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBERISI S. Top literature review on pulse montoring 10 Ketogenic Diet Articles in the Medical. Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring.

Performance Improvement of Health Monitoring System