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Divertender. Performed diver and tender duties on various jobs in the Maryland area to include the Port of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. Conducted operations in underwater construction and maintenance. Maintained dive equipment and work area on barge. Used a variety of tools to accomplish work assigned to me. Divertender. Performed diver and tender duties on various jobs in the Maryland area to include the Port of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. Conducted operations in underwater construction and maintenance. Maintained dive equipment and work area on barge. Used a variety of tools to accomplish work assigned to me. Office Assistant (Rapid City, SD) Regional Sales Manager (Loveland, CO) Entry Level DiverTender (Rapid City, SD) Diver (Rapid City, SD) Diving Supervisor (Rapid City, SD) Diving Operations Manager (Rapid City, SD). At the start of a dive, the tender checks the divers equipment and topside air supply for proper operation and dresses the diver. Once the diver is in the water,. The Best diverlead tender Resume Samples ResumeHelp. 2 Search Results. Cal-Dive Int, Envent. JobTitles Held DiverLead Tender, Welder. Commercial Diving, 2008 Divers Academy International Erial, New Jersey. Where can I find a Chet Morrison Contractors Tender resume example in Ilion, New York 13357? Where can I find a Aqueos DiverTender resume example in Orlando, Florida ? This is an actual resume example of a DiverTender who works in the Construction Trades.

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