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Persuasive essay to stop smoking. Extracts from this document. Introduction. They blacken your lungs. They cause damage to your body. They are life threatening. Jan 14, 2015 what band score can I have for my essay?? by Anonymous This is my answer There is no doubt that tobacco smoking has serious sequlae not for the smoker. Quitting Smoking Essay Examples. 14 total results. The Reasons Why I Quit Smoking. Why I Quit Smoking My mother works as an elderly care specialist at Delray Beach Retirement Center in Florida. I often visit her at work when Im on vacation in Florida. Of all the times I have visited her at the retirement center, I will never. Essays Related to How to Quit Smoking. 1. Quitting Smoking. One area I need to improve is to quit smoking.. I also see first hand how harmful smoking is when my.

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