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Ontology literature review

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Apr 18, 2013. The purpose of this paper is to review existing sensor and sensor network ontologies to understand whether they can be reused as a basis for a manufacturing sensor ontology, or if the existing ontologies hold lessons for the development of a new ontology. We develop an initial set of requirements that. Abstract The purpose of this paper is to review existing sensor and sensor network ontologies to understand whether they can be reused as a basis for a manufacturing perception sensor ontology, or if the existing ontologies hold lessons for the development of a new ontology. We develop an initial set of requirements. CiteSeerX - Scientific articles matching the query Instance-Based Ontology Matching A Literature Review. Jul 21, 2017. Abstract This literature review describes the methodology of the ontological turn as represented in the book Thinking Through Things. It furthermore traces the critique that the ontological turn has met, as well as juxtaposes the methodological approach of the turn with the ontological approach of an-. We present a literature review regarding articles on ontology matching published in the last decade. It serves the purpose of offering an. Several works are found in this literature review that proposes semantic search engines based on ontology. State of the art review about the conceptualization of features across engineering for product lifecycle modeling. Feature types and definitions are analyzed via.
A Sensor Ontology Literature Review. Roger Eastman, Craig Schlenoff, Stephen Balakirsky, Tsai Hong. Methodology Philosophy Epistemology. Print Reference this APA MLA. (2006) considers Ontology,. Based on the literature presented in Chapter 2,. DSTOTN1002. Ontologies and Information Systems A Literature Survey. Executive Summary. This report surveys literature relevant to the Information Operations (IO) Branchs inter- est in using ontologies to model and reason about computer networks and their security. The report first clarifies the definition of ontology.

Ontology matching: A literature review