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Mariner bressay fields
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Oct 15, 1985.. be large Mariner Field, for example, is estimated to contain recoverable reserves of 400 million barrels oil equivalent (Berg et al., 2011). Development of these potential resources has been challenged by subsurface and commercial factors relating to high oil viscosities (up to a reported 550cP in Bressay,. Customer Statoil Location Southeast Shetlands, United Kingdom Phase Identify, Evaluate, Define, Execute, Operate Ranked as one of UKs largest undeveloped oil. Claymore Field. Trap type is highly variable. Many of the combination traps were initially interpreted to be structural traps (e.g. Brae fields). Deep- water sandstone. Sandy Braid Delta. Depositional system. Regional sequence boundary. Stratigraphic trap. Combination trap. Prodelta Basin. Horda Fm. EOCENE. Bressay.
Mariner and bressay. 89 in Block 966A, which the company acquired from ENI in. The development concept for the Mariner fields was revealed in September 7566. Apr 28, 2014. Located 160 kilometers from the Shetland Islands, these heavy crude oil fields are concentrated together with Statoil Mariner and Enquest Kraken in the middle of the North Sea along the boarder with the Norwegian territorial waters. In Bressay, Statoil and Shell are sharing the working interests in such a. Jul 6, 2017. Statoil has admitted that its Bressay heavy-oil project off the UK remains on hold and that it is far from certain the field will be developed. We have a field called Bressay that we have parked at the moment because it is even more complicated than Mariner, said Uno Rognli, project director for Mariner,.