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Since Ive finished my work-term, and the application process for Winter 2011 will start soon, Ive been updating my resume. At the same time, Ive also decided. Introduction. If youve read my resume, you might be wondering how the HTML and the PDF versions are kept in sync. The answer is obvious both are generated. Afterwards, I did a little search of the web, and found some similar projects addressing the same need. I am not advocating using my code, as it is not generalized or documented well. If you are going to do something similar, start with XmlResume. That being said, from an XSL standpoint, mine does do a couple interesting.
Source resume.xsd, resume.xml, resume.xsl.,., -. Phone ( ) -. Email Web Summary. Technical Skills.,. Select Projects.. Work Experience. - present. Education. - present. in. Professional Memberships. Awards and Recognition. Seminars Attended. Jul 6, 2016. Looks like I can get around the nesting problem by using an xslfor-each to handle only the direct children of divclasslist-wrapper. Now I can simply use position() to number each node as I require. ?xml version1.0 encodingUTF-8? xslstylesheet version1.0. One of the XML vocabularies published by HR-XML is the Resume. you could simply upload an HR-XML Resume file. For these reasons, HR-XSL is designed exclusively.

Chapter 1. Introduction