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Mar 19, 2004. Such job-hunting strategies are not just confined to the IT sector, however. Sams brother was recruited by a TV company after an editor saw his website, and there are a host of testimonies on recruitment websites - such as London company Production Base - of similar success stories. See for yourself by. How My Personal Website Helped Me Land My Dream Job. by.. with all of your other job search to-dosperfecting your resume. hosting, domains,. Internet Of Things. Github. Resume. Contact. Subscribe. This is just advice based on my experience at various organizations, and on how I host my own web applications. Top 5 Free Resume Hosting Websites. Internet. but do not allow you to host your resume with a personalized URL for free. From this crowd,. May 28, 2011. Hagan Blount, a self-described writer, editor and producer, hosts a compelling infographic resume (pictured above) on his personal website. The Resume tab on his site includes his resume, alongside a stream of his most recent tweets. The resume is creative in that it includes a non-traditional approach. Free Online Portfolio Hosting Sites. 1.. Jobrary, a product of software development firm Techtinium, is both an online resume- and portfolio-hosting site.

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