Newspaper Terms Strapline

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Newspaper terms strapline

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Definition of strapline - a subsidiary heading or caption in a newspaper or magazine Sep 7, 2010. Slogans should be long enough to contain some words that knock on the right side of the consumers brain. The emotional side of the brain as opposed to the left side, the logical, analytical side. Just do it is one of those slogans. Its memorable because the slogan emotionally touches a procrastination. Cheap Taxis In Lincoln. download full image. Newspaper Terms Strapline Dradgeeport441 Web Fc2 Com. Journalism and publishing terms list, print and online, collated by our community of journalists, bloggers, editors, sub-editors, designers, PRs and other communications professionals working worldwide in newspapers, magazines,. Jumpline - A line indicating a continuation, or jump, of an article on a subsequent page.
A sub-heading in an article is called a strapline. Go.. Industries and Professions Publishing Newspapers and Magazines What is a newspaper strapline?. Terms of. Glossary of Newspaper Terms. Ad, Advertisment Printed notice of something for sale paid for by the advertiser. AP Abbreviation for Associated Press, a wire service. Art Any photo, map graph or illustration. Assignment A story a reporter is detailed to cover. Associated Press Stylebook The standard reference. The newspaper headline read House burns down on Elm Street with the subheading Arson suspected. You can find the chart in the Financial Matters.

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