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Theses. Baker, Howard Robert, Law transplanted, justice invented sources of law for the Hudsons Bay Company in Ruperts Land, 1670-1870 Thesis (M.A.), University of Manitoba, 1996. The Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary offers a thesis-based and a course-based LL.M program, and a Post-baccalaureate Certificate. These programs are focused on the strengths of the law school in the areas of Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law, as well as the related topics within the focus area,. Baker, Howard Robert, Law transplanted,. sources of law for the Hudsons Bay Company in Ruperts Land, 1670-1870 Thesis (M.A.), University of Manitoba, 1996.. Baker Thesis Law Transplanting. cambridge university psychology essay competition who was essayas kassahun mla research paper notecards example computer science thesis topics writing service outcomes thesis on internet use ucl msc thesis format stereotype.