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May 5, 2015. These days, its basically impossible to launch a company without some written content. Even if its just an entrepreneur launching a freelance enterprise from her basement, or a couple of guys starting a company in the garage, written collateral is a must website content, a Facebook bio, a LinkedIn profile. Julia L. Rogers a classically-trained musician, a published author and a contributing music writer at Billboard and Bitch magazine and will write your artist or band bio. The bio format allows you to simply tell the story of your writers journey where youve written for, the type of work you do, the type of writing you enjoy.. As someone whos had to review resumes and hire writers myself (edited an alternative paper in San Pedro, Calif., for a year or so early in my career), I can say I look. Oct 13, 2015. The basics of any portfolio are simple writing samples, bio and resume. But when were looking for writers via their Quietly portfolios, we want to see that our writers are utilizing all of the features weve included in our tools (and dont worrythis advice carries over to other hiring managers). This includes. Julia L. Rogers a classically-trained musician, a published author and a contributing music writer at Bitch magazine and will write your artist or band bio. HIRE ME. I work virtually with clients all over the world and on every continent (except Antarctica-but maybe soon!) Clients include high level executives, Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, statesmen, and anyone needing compelling writing. Susan provided exactly what we neededthe writing conveyed the precise tone. Hire a hire a biography writer freelance book writer for check essay for plagarism your next fiction or non-fiction project. Click here for executive assistant professional bio. Ask for a FREE quote. A Biography of Glenn Frey (1948-2016) Glenn Frey, the.

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