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It was working on F19. After clean F20 Beta install, resume from hibernation stopped working but I managed to get it working by adding resumeUUID.. Im wondering if bootgrub2grub.cfg did not get updated with you changes in etcdefaultgrub when the new kernel was installed. as root in a terminal. Boot order in bios is my guess. Grub may be set to use drives in some order as opposed to uuid or other naming. httpswiki.archlinux.orgindex.php.devicenaming for example maybe. Basically, your original etcuswsusp.conf was written by the scripts invoked by dpkg while installing uswsusp. To see the script, check varlibdpkginfouswsusp.config. To update it semi-automatically, use dpkg-reconfigure uswsusp. Or, edit it by hand and then use update-initramfs -u. I would sincerely. Nov 25, 2010. I had this all fixed under GRUB (pre-2) on Ubuntu 8.04 and it has served well and bug free for years.. linux bootvmlinuz-2.x.yy-zz-generic rootUUID(etc.). Edit etcfstab and change every instance of UUID(etc.) I do but it points to the actual swap with the correct devdiskby-idata-WDCWD.67-part3 not UUID. If you look at my first post in this thread youll note the first few lines in the second code box. They show that the resume option worked as it is supposet to do. And it is not GRUB2 anymore. The error. GO TO PAGE. grub2 - How to fix the UUID in Grub after restore from. Grub config separate root and boot partitions. Edit the kernel parameter used by GRUB2 to find a GRUBCMDLINELINUXDEFAULTresumeUUID21f80129-085c. Grub2 resume uuid.

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