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spouses because they dont want to train someone who could be leaving at any time, or. I think the first and most important way to job search is to create an excellent resume. My Trailing Spouse Resum. Trailing Spouse, San Salvador, El Salvador,. Its an impressive resume of experiences. Like Like. Reply. Prospective employers will notice significant gaps in employment on your resume,. trailing spouse or you. Gaps in Employment on a Resume Cover Letter. Military spouse resumes. Train. A strong resume clearly conveys a work history that aligns with a particular job description and level of experience. Feb 13, 2017. My Trailing Spouse Resum. Overview. After 29 years experience as a expatriate spouse, 17 of them overseas, I bring a unique perspective to any crazy venture. With 10 international moves under my belt to date, my vocabulary of profanity is impressive, while my organizational skills have been refined to.
Mar 27, 2004. These days, however, most overseas employers offer at least some kind of career support services, such as spouse networks, rsum writing workshops or career counseling. Some companies have even set up job centers and hooked into online job boards like, a subscription service that. Supporting Your New Employee and Her Family According to the relocation trade association Worldwide ERC, approximately 25 billion is spent annually on corporate.

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