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Purely Functional Data Structures by Chris Okasaki. Cambridge University Press 1998. Actually, the book is not online, but the Ph.D dissertation that morphed into the book is httpwww-2.cs.cmu.edurwhthesesokasaki.pdf. Is this the counterpart to dysfunctional data structures? There is certainly something disfunctional. Purely functional data structures by chris. Purely Functional Data Structures thesis by Chris Okasaki. purely functional data structures by chris okasaki pdf Jun 29, 2010. Okasakis book makes a heavy use of tagged unions. You should try and read the first chapters. There is also his thesis, which is very like the book, available on line httpwww.cs.cmu.edurwhthesesokasaki.pdf. Second, dont be scared. Functional languages tend to be freakishly terse, but the programs.

What are the must-read papers for functional programming?