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Mar 30, 2016. Our Goal for the Shoe making Business plan in Nigeria. To be a one stop-shop in South West for items including shoes, sandals, footwear and other personal items for men, women and children. To have trained over 500 trainees in 12 month. Our Vision for the Shoe making Business plan in Nigeria. Selling leather fashions is another great fashion retailing business to initiate. Worldwide there are thousands of manufacturers of leather fashions and accessories, so securing a wholesale Feb 28, 2015. Im always shocked when I get these calls because my immediate reaction is why would you bother with a little shop like ours? You have a. When I get the opportunity to speak with people of this caliber, I try to find out what made them successful in their business and their leather craft. Today, Id like to. What do you need to do to start an upholstery business. The answer will vary depending upon your knowledge and skill level of upholstery and business practices, you.
In the spirit of being unique, consider retailing the leather fashions in nontraditional methods including by ways of the Internet, home shopping parties, and catalog sales. Like many clothing ventures, the profit potential is excellent for a business that retails leather fashions, as many items can retail for as much 1,000 each,. I am in the very early stages of working up a leatherwork business plan. The basic idea is to take a few designs I have been working up for the disability c.

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