Deliberate Self Harm Literature Review

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The History And Background Of Self Harm Psychology Essay

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Self-injury and externalizing pathology: a systematic literature review
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Deliberate self harm literature review

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We performed a systematic review of the literature using Medline and OVID. As a search strategy we used the terms NSSI, DSH, self-harm, self-injury, deliberate self-harm, nonsuicidal self-injury in conjunction with longitudinal or course. The question remains whether this is the case with self-harm without suicidal intent. This review aims to improve the insight into nurses attitudes towards self-harm as they exist in contemporary nursing practice. For the purpose of this study, self-harm is defined as the deliberate destruction of body tissue without conscious. Despite agreement across disciplines regarding the significance of deliberate self-harm (DSH), there continues to be a lack of consensus regarding what DSH is and is not. The purpose of this literature review was to determine the current state of understanding of. The current literature notes that onset of NSSI usually occurs between 11 to 15 years of age, and that an alarmingly high prevalence of NSSI is found in. In Portugal, one study on adolescents health included two questions about deliberate self-harm in youths aged 13 to 15 of these respondents, 15.5 reported engaging. Jul 20, 2008. PURPOSE. Despite agreement across disciplines regarding the significance of deliberate self-harm (DSH), there continues to be a lack of consensus regarding what DSH is and is not. The purpose of this literature review was to determine the current state of understanding of this complex phenomenon. Deliberate self-injury is defined as the intentional, direct injuring of body tissue without suicidal intent. The present article reviews the empirical research on the functions of self-injury. This literature includes self-reports of reasons for self-injuring, descriptions of the phenomenology of self-injury, and laboratory studies.
The first focus of the literature review was to discover the most current research regarding self-injury especially concerning its prevalence, phenomenology, and. In this work, SI will refer to these deliberately destructive acts resulting in tissue damage that are not intended as an act of suicide, are not widely socially. Deliberate self-harm among adults in prisons. An integrative literature review was conducted of 12 studies of deliberate self-harm in the prison service between.

Nurses' attitudes towards self-harm, a literature review