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What are some good hobbies and interests to put on a. A Hobbies and Interest section should probably only be used as filler for extra space on your resume. Wondering how you can add a little extra to your CV? Extracurricular activities are not only a great way to demonstrate your interests and individuality, they also prove to recruiters that you have a range of valuable skills that you could apply to their vacancy. Not sure how they relate to your job search? Weve already covered. As you can see, your extracurricular activities, clubs, memberships, hobbies, interests, and activities can bolster your resume and help present you as a well-rounded candidate. Oct 20, 2011. Scale Computing chief executive Jeff Ready recently was interviewing job candidates for a position whose duties included coordinating all-hands meetings at the Indianapolis-based manufacturer. One prospective employees resume included her experience planning an annual fundraiser for a local charity.
Aug 3, 2016. In most cases, you shouldnt include your hobbies on your rsum because they waste time and space but there are some exceptions to this rule.. If you want to work in the travel industry but dont have direct professional industry experience, this hobby shows your interest and experience with travel,. Should you put interests and hobbies on a resume? What are the best examples of hobbies? Follow these 5 proven tips, and you will interest any employer. Read!

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