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Write a rhyme

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Dec 23, 2013. Many editors of todays literary journals tend to eschew rhymeand its hard to blame them! For some reason, bad rhyming poetry tends to be more offensive to editors than bad free verse poetry. Many writers have even given up writing rhyme because its not very marketable. That said, if your heart is in. When I first began writing about 8 years ago, I avoided writing in rhyme because I believed the rumors. I figured, why spend my time writing something the editors wont buy? Then I became involved in a good on-line critique group of seven relatively new writers. After a time, the members of the group began to sell their. Words and phrases that rhyme with write (626 results). 1 syllable -cyte, -lite, -lyte, beit, bight, bite, bleibt, blight, blite, breite, bright, brite, byte, chite, cite, clite, clyte, crite, cuite, dight, dwight, feit, fight, fite, flight, flite, flyte, freit, fright, frite, glite, greit, height, heit, hiett, hight, hite, kbyte, kight, kite, knight, kyte, leyte, light, lighte, lite,. An introduction to rhyme schemes. Do you know the pattern of a limerick, a sonnet? How to write a poem with special sound effects? Find out here about these poetry techniques, and more.

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