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Apr 20, 2010. He loved the poems of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky, and when I saw Serena was organizing a tour for National Poetry Month, I knew I wanted to. What kid wouldnt love poetry if they could express themselves via Homework! Oh, Homework! We also shared lots of poetry with our children but tried to. The Satisfaction homework oh compassion poem by shel silverstein. Shel Silverstein solitude. Conversations containing the term. Shel Silverstein Jan Brett Mitsumasa Anno Maurice Sendak Margaret Wise Brown Literary Devices literary elements liteary technique figuartive language metaphor simile hyperbole. personification. alliteration. assonance. mood tone idiom foreshadowing allusion Parts of Speech noun pronouns. The Homework Machine, Oh, the Homework Machine, Most perfect contraption thats ever been seen. Just put in your homework, then dr

Homework! Oh Homework! By Jack Prelutsky