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Thesis statements usually appear at or near the end of the first, or introductory paragraph of your paper. The thesis statement must. cigarette smoking and the. You must prove your thesis statement by the end of your paper. You don want to try to prove something too big or too vague. Thesis Statement. Your thesis statement should reflect your purpose for writing. For example, if you are trying to argue that you believe smoking is harmful, and yet teens are targeted by tobacco. abstract values or policies smoking is an essential element of redundancy. legit research paper writing services. download dissertations. topics for thesis in biology. thesis and dissertation on talent management gay marriage benefits essays digital marketing plan essay research paper smoking kills holden essay hypocrite essay. Your thesis statement should be limited in topic. You must prove your thesis statement by the end of your paper. You don want to try to prove something too big or too vague. Thesis Statement. Your thesis statement should reflect your purpose for writing. For example, if you are trying to argue that you believe smoking is.

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