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Four strategies were employed to locate information about these. 1. Computer literature searches using the search terms New Zealand AND outbreak AND water. PubMed (all records to 2006) search revealed 23 articles, of which eight could have been about drinking-water-borne outbreaks of infectious enteric disease. A Systematic Review of Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Associated with Small. Water-borne disease. Surveillance for waterborne disease outbreaks. Viruses in recreational water-borne disease outbreaks. Citing literature. Membrane-based methods of virus concentration from water a review of process. Dec 25, 2015. This work was carried out in collaboration between all authors. Authors BMO, JOO and OF designed the study, performed the statistical analysis, wrote the protocol, and wrote the first draft of the manuscript and managed literature searches. Authors BMO and OF managed the analyses of the study and.

Viruses in recreational water-borne disease outbreaks