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How to Become a Millionaire in 6 Steps Write down all of your ideas to make more money Take time to relax and reflect on your financial goals Gain financial independence using the magic wand technique Project forward and think back on your financial goals Practice Mind-storming on all your problems Save your. Jul 13, 2017. You wont purely be a consumer. Instead, youll be invested, and as such, youll listen more carefully. Youll care more. Youll be more thoughtful and engaged. There will be higher consequences for not succeeding. I invested 3,000 to get help writing my first book proposal from a highly successful writer. important tips for an impressive profile 5 tips for creating an attractive profile 5 tips for me to pick up a great profile 7 secrets to a sexier profile 7 Winning Profile Tips for getting more attention 8 tips on writing a better profile 8 red flags on your internet dating profile 10 tips to write an effective personal ad A complete.

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